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What is Micro Bridge?
Micro Bridge is a highly intelligent contract bridge software, running on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. You can enjoy playing bridge with other computer players or with other human players (up to four persons at once). Micro Bridge supports many types of duplicate bridge and other functions that are useful for beginners, average players, and even experts.Micro Bridge contains the following seven programs and one Online document.

Micro Bridge

You can enjoy playing bridge with other computers or human players.

Hand Editor

You can enter or edit arbitrary hands.

Bidding System Manager

You can choose conventions and treatments that you wish to use, and create new bidding systems.

User System Generator

You can make your own bidding system.

Install Tournament Data

You can install additional tournament data.

Card Selection

You can choose the card design and a table top color.

Environment Settings

You can change language and sound settings. You can also set the Key Code to run Micro Bridge without its CD.

Micro Bridge Help

Gives a full manual of Micro Bridge.