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Free Updates and Technical Information
This page is for Micro Bridge 13 only !

If you need technical information and the latest update module of Micro Bridge 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12, please see the Previous Versions page.

This is an updated module of Micro Bridge 13. Download the following zip file and read the enclosed README.TXT.

An update to Micro Bridge 13.01 (4/30/13, mbup1301.zip, 1,898KB)


  • The following serious bug is fixed. (13.01)
    If you choose a Regional Notation other than English, Micro Bridge 13 fails to start.
  • Some other minor bugs are fixed. (13.01)
Technical Information
  • Micro Bridge 13 supports Windows 10 (version 1703, Creaters Update).

  • LAN play of Micro Bridge 13 (and 10, 11, 12) is slow when Windows 7 or 8 is running on both PCs. Display of bids and plays on client PC is delayed about 6 seconds after server PC bids and plays. The cause of this symptom is a flaw of Microsoft SMB2 protocol. Microsoft provides an unofficial patch module for this problem, but a safe and easy way to solve this problem is to:

    Add registry keys:
    FileInfoCacheLifetime=0 (DWORD type)
    FileNotFoundCacheLifetime=0 (DWORD type)
    DirectoryCacheLifetime=0 (DWORD type)

    If you are not familiar with editing registry using REGEDIT.EXE, download and run the following program.

    smbfix.exe (1/27/13, 418KB)

    This change disables a part of SMB2 local cache. The side effect is to increase the network traffic, but it is not a problem for home users. You need to do this change only to client PCs, but I recommend you to do it to all Windows 7/8 PCs on which you run Micro Bridge.