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Micro HalfBridge

This is a playing software for HalfBridge, supporting practice mode and duplicate game. You are free to use and redistribute this program for personal use only, but any changes to the software or public distribution is strictly prohibited without our consent.

Make a new folder (for example, c:\MicroHalfBridge), extract bin, Card, and MyHands folder from the downloaded zip file, copy them into the new folder, and double-click bin\halfMb.exe.

Micro HalfBridge V3.00 (English, mhbridge.zip, 1,524KB)

If Windows Defender SmartScreen prevents the downloaded exe file from running, click More Info and click Run anyway.

What is HalfBridge?
HalfBridge is a game based on the rule of MiniBridge, and is improved by Japan Contract Bridge League, Mr. Eiki Shimizu. It is designed for beginners to play cards under more similar situation to Contract Bridge. There are two differences between two games.

Characteristics of HalfBridge:
  • Each player does not announce his number of high card points. Computer automatically nominates someone to a declarer according to the rule of MiniBridge.
  • Declarer choose the contract from part score, game, small slam (needs to win at least 12 tricks, 500 points bonus), and grand slam (needs to win all 13 tricks, 1000 points bonus). Part score is different from MiniBridge.
    In a notrump part score, declarer must win at least 7 tricks (1NT).
    In part score with hearts or spades as trump, declarer must win at least 8 tricks (2H,2S).
    In part score with clubs or diamonds as trump, declarer must win at least 9 tricks (3C,3D).