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Bidding Options
You can specify the NS side bidding system and the EW side bidding system respectively. You can choose your bidding system from fourteen pre-defined systems. Furthermore, you can modify these systems or create new systems by selecting the options below.

Pre-Defined Bidding Systems

  • General Approaches:
    American Four Card Majors (Goren)
    European Four Card Majors (Acol)
    American Five Card Majors
    French Five Card Majors
    Two Over One Game Force
    European Five Card Spades
  • Opening with 4432 and 4333 (Four Card Majors only):
    Prepared Opening
    Major Suit First
    Lower Suit First
  • Minimum Strength of Opening Suit Bids of One:
    Balanced Hands=Good 11 HCP, 12 HCP, Good 12 HCP, or 13 HCP
    Unbalanced Hands=9HCP, 10 HCP or 11 HCP
  • Notrump Structure After an Opening Suit Bids of One:
    2NT after 1/1=18-20 HCP(F) or 17-18 HCP(NF)
    2NT after 2/1=15-18 HCP(F) or 12-14 HCP(NF)
    New Minor Forcing
    Checkback Stayman
  • Raising Partner:
    Forcing Raises or Limit Raises
    2NT Forcing Raise (Jacoby 2NT or Stenberg)
    3NT Forcing Raise
    Splinter Bids
    Inverted Minor Raises
    Value Swiss, Trump Swiss, and Minor Suit Swiss
    Fourth Suit Forcing
  • 1NT Opening Bids:
    12-14 HCP, 13-15 HCP, 15-17 HCP, 15-18 HCP, or 16-18 HCP
    No 5-card majors or may have a weak 5-card major
  • Responses to 1NT:
    2=Forcing Stayman, Non-Forcing Stayman or 4-response Stayman
    2/2=Sign Off or Jacoby Transfers
    2=Sign Off, Minor Suit Stayman, or Forces 3 for Sign Off in Either Minor
    2/2NT or 2/3=Minor Suit Transfer
    3/3=Preemptive, Game Invitation, or Slam Try
    3/3=Preemptive, Game Invitation, Game Forcing, or Slam Try
    4/4=Natural or Texas Transfers
  • Opening Suit Bids of Two:
    Strong Twos
    2 Strong and Artificial (2 response is negative or waiting, Second Negative=2NT or Cheaper Minor)
    Acol Twos, Benjamin Twos, or French Twos
    Weak Twos
    Flannery 2, Roman 2, or Mini-Multi 2
  • Weak Two Bids:
    6-10 HCP, 6-11 HCP, 7-10 HCP, or 7-11 HCP
    New Suit Forcing or New Suit Non-Forcing
    2NT Ogust or 2NT Feature Asking
  • 2NT Opening Bids:
    20-21 HCP, 21-22 HCP, or 22-24 HCP
  • Responses to 2NT:
    3=Stayman, Puppet Stayman, or Baron
    3=Natural, Jacoby Transfers, or Flint
    3=Natural or Jacoby Transfers
    3=Natural or Minor Suit Stayman
    4/4=Natural or Texas Transfers
  • 3NT Opening Bids:
    25-27 HCP, Gambling 3NT, or Acol 3NT
  • Opening Preempts at the Three-Level:
    Sound, Light only when Not VUL, or Always Light
  • Slam Conventions:
    Simple Blackwood
    Roman Key Card Blackwood (0314 and 1430 types)
  • Other Offensive Bids:
    Negative Doubles
    Truscott 2NT(Jordan)
    Weak Jump Shifts over Opponent's Overcall
    Preemptive Jump Raises
    Maximal Overcall Doubles (Game Try Doubles)
    Support Doubles, Support Redoubles
  • Minimum Strength of One-Level Overcalls:
    Aggressive Style=Good 6 HCP, Good 7 HCP, or Good 8 HCP (Raises are preemptive)
    Constructive Style=Good 9 HCP or Good 10 HCP (Raises are constructive)
    Four Card Suit Overcalls
  • Minimum Strength of Two-Level Overcalls:
    Good 10HCP, Good 11HCP, or Good 12HCP
  • Jump Overcalls:
    Weak (2NT: Natural, Feature, or Ogust)
  • Overcalls Against 1NT:
  • Minimum Strength of Takeout Doubles:
    Good 11 HCP or Good 12 HCP
  • Direct Cue Bids:
    Strong Takeout
  • Other Defensive Bids:
    Responsive Doubles
    Leaping Michaels
    Lebensohl After a Takeout Double of a Weak Two-Bid
    Sandwich Notrump (Weak Takeout 1NT)