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Making Your Own Bidding Systems
At the early stage of auction, Micro Bridge will decide the bids according to the Bidding Rule Tables. Usually you choose the bidding options offered by Micro Bridge and Micro Bridge creates the Bidding Rule Tables automatically. However, if you are not satisfied with the ready-made options, you can make your own Bidding Rule Tables. It is not very difficult but requires patience.

Example of Bidding Rule Tables
For example, rules of 1S response over partner's 1H opening are described as follows (In the case of five card majors, forcing raises system):
  • 6-15 HCP, 4-card or longer spade suit. No heart support.
  • 10-11 TP, 4-card or longer spade suit, or 3-card or longer heart support.
  • 5 HCP, Good 5-card or longer spade suit.
Opener ordinarily assumes that responder has at least 6 HCP.
Descriptions of these rules are as follows:
## 1H-P
P  0               - 5
1S 3              6-15                            -2     4-
   3     10-11                                   3-      4-
  %1              5- 5                            -3     5-  3