【Thoughts about Mozart】
Kazumi Tanaka

In general,it is said that Mozart's music is clear and simple. However,you shouldn't be too quick to come to this conclusion.While Mozart's music is always full of love,purity and innocence,his music is also very bold and full of humor.In short,how the performer can read the depth of his music which appears to be so simple on surface determines how much his music can be brought back to life.

I wish his elegance,lightness cantabile,
beautiful timbre,etc.will sound natural,full of life and free.Lately I have begun to see the different Mozart in his music from the one I learned as a young student.This motivated me to choose Mozart for my first CD recording.Mr.Richard Frank,president of Liszt-Society Switzerland-Japan and also a pianist,gave me this opportunity with one of the reputable chamber orchestras in Czech Republic,true.I appreciate from my heart for many wonderful encounters through music.