Highlights of the Society


Neues Orchester Basel
Binningen, Kronenmattsaal, May 9
Basel, Martinskirche, May 10
Richard Frank( piano), Bela Guyas (conductor)

Manfred Ouverture (Schumann) Piano Concerto op.posth. , Hungarian Fantasy (Liszt), Symphony No.3 (Brahms).
Live recording by OPUS RADIO.

Church St.Martin, Bale New Orchestra Bale Bela & Ruth Guyas,

Ciba Geigy Classic Concert: Liszt Society's Juliblee Concert
Osaka, Izumi Hall, June 28
Reiko Morita, Yoshitsugu Soda (violin), Richard Frank (piano), Bela Guyas (conductor), Osaka Century Orchestra

Concerto for 2 violins and strings (Bach), Concerto for violin, piano and strings (Mendelssohn - first performance in Japan), Piano Concerto op.posth.(Liszt - first performance in Japan), Symphonic Poem eMazeppaf (Liszt).

Travel III: Italy
July 26 - August 9
14th Festa Musica Pro Mundo Uno - Academy and Concerts in Assisi, Orvieto, Perugia.
* Hommage to Andorf Foeldes. Concert at Teatro Morlacchi in Perugia.
Ouverture "Meistersinger" (Wagner), Piano Concerto op.posth. (Liszt), Symphony Espagnole (Lalo).Szeged Symphony Orchestra, Ervind Acel (conductor), Richard Frank (piano), Ruggero Ricci (violin)
œ Pesaro (Rossini Festival) * Firenze * Siena *Todi *Lucca *Pisa *San Rossore *Milano
Assisi St.Francesco Tomb
Assisi Hotel Dei Priori

Teatro Comunale Metastasio Daily Practise H.Kawamura
Amelia Oses

Masterclass Assisi Pope's Cushion Duomo Orvieto Teatro Morlacchi Perugia

Pisa Campo Santo Lucca Villa Massimiliana
Ruggiero Ricci
Frank Perugia
Tenuto San Rossore Pisa Arrivederci In Lucca

Rossini Tomb Florence Il Pensieroso Firenze Cappelle Medicee La Notte

Rossini Festival Pesaro Conservatorio Di Pesaro

Certosa Di Pavia Duomo Di Milano

Concert of Summer Academy Participants (LENK-ASSISI)
Kyoto, International Exchange Center, September 27
Hisami Kawamura (soprano), Chie Tahara (Mezzo), Tomoko Otani , Kimio Takeuchi, Yoko Kawaguchi (piano)

Sonata in G major (Schubert), Un Sospiro, Love Dream, La Chasse, Legende II (Liszt), songs and arias (Debussy, Massenet, Puccini, Ravel, Roussel, Wolf)

Joerg Demus Masterclass
Nishinomiya, Liszt Studio, October
Students of Prof. Hisako Suzue
Joerg Demus Masterclass Master's Play


Tchaikovsky Festival

Osaka, Izumi Hall, January 20
Seiji Kageyama (violin),  Akira Osawa (cello), Richard Frank (piano),  Hideomi Kuroiwa (cond.)

Piano Concerto No.1 and 2, Roccoco Variations,  Serenade melancolique, Valse-Scherzo

Concert de Salon

Amagasaki,  Foundation Akemi, March 16
Students of Doshisha Womenfs College Kyoto and Osaka Academy of Arts

unfamiliar Liszt music for piano solo and piano duett

Unfamiliar Liszt works at Foundation

Travel II: Switzerland - Italy

August 24 - September 6
Switzerland: Zurich, Buergenstock, Lenk (14th Summer Academy of Music, Liszt Class, Multi-media Concert eAlbum dfun voyageur - Suisse)
Italy: Bellagio (Hotel Villa Serbelloni), Verona (Arena di Verona eNabuccof and Mozart Celebration), Rom (Ostia Antica,  Liszt Roman Locations, Liszt concert at the Goethe-Institut, Vaticanfs Raffael  Loggia), Tivoli (Villa dfEste)

Prof.Dr.Kurt Pahlen,
Rosmarie Koenig,
Richard Frank
Liszt Class at 14th
Summer Academy
in Lenk

Voice Class
of Sena Jurinac,
Piano Class
of Norma Fisher,
Final Concert
of Summer

Excursion to the Swiss Alps Heidi's Switzerland Bellagio
(Lake Como):
Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Arena di Verona Top of Arena,
Verdi's 'Nabucco'
Forum Romanum,

Rome specialist
Dr.Giuseppe Juhar
The Raffael Loggia
in the Vatican,
Liszt's dwelling
Piazza St.Peter,

Liszt Concert
'Roman Impressions'
at the Goethe Institut
Arnold Schalker and
Richard Frank (piano),
Dr.Juhar (commentary)
Dinner at Sabatini,
Tivoli, Villa d'Este

Tivoli, Villa d'Este
(Liszt's dwelling)
Frank, Schalker,
Les jeux d'eaux
a la Villa d'Este

700 Years of Switzerland
Tokyo, OAG Hall, December 8
Osaka, Aqua Bunka Hall, December 15

Annees de pelerinage I eSuissef (Liszt), violin sonata No.2 (Brahms), Wilhelm Tell songs (Liszt). Swiss folksongs. Lobby Exhibition eFace to Face with Switzerlandf
Consul General of Switzerland Mr.Hans Meier (opening speech), Nobuko Takano (soprano), Yoshikazu Yamada (violin), Richard Frank (piano)

Aqua Bunka Hall Osaka
Richard Frank(piano),
Eiko Frank-Mano(reciter)
Soprano Nobuko Takano sings
Swiss folksong
'La Haut sur la Montagne'
together with members
of the audience

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