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Iwafune jinja is a shrine, that the ancient religious style of Japan has been kept.

In the ancient Japan , a number of shrines didn't have the constructions for worship . But people believed that Forest ,Rock, Mountain, and Waterfall are divinity. They thought divinity is in there always or thought divinity came there from another world at time of festival.

Divinity of our shrine is in the big rock. The faith in the big rock remains in this shrine now.

The name of the divinity who we enshrine is


ADDRESS: 9-19-1 Kisaichi katano Osaka Japan


"Goshintai"Symbol of divinity "Nigihayahi-no-mikoto"is a big rock.(height 12 meters, width 12 meters) It looks like a ship. "Iwafune" means the rock ship. A long time ago, Nigihayahi-no-mikoto flew to place of this shrine, from "Takamagahara"where many divinity live ,by this rock ship. It's an episode of Japanese myth .

"Gankutsu""Gankutsu" is the holy cave of our shrine. And you can experience the virtual cave on this home page. Please go to next page and click "Go to the virtual cave !".

Walking in the precincts

The front shrine.

The Amanoiwato-rock door

Harmony between Buddhism and Shinto.


Four Buddhist images





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